Goodshield Aquilar

Who Gave The Kid A Kaliscope

Intended for a large surface.

Video animation using one still image, filtered

Music:  "Delpher" by Amon Tobin

A Buffalo Field Campaign Volunteer Perspective

The Fall

This dance on camera film reflects a factory-laden society whose cold, and cog-like attitude towards life metaphorically dissolves.

By taking advantage of the unique landscapes surrounding the Jackson Hole are - this film brings the idea of site specific work to an extraordinary level.  Four danders are executing Kate Kosharek's precise and intricate choreography as if they been dancing it for the last 40 years - separated by fence posts and blind to the surroundings.  

Project-R: first collection of video projection loops

projector + camera = feedback.  all clips are as the appeared live, with some minor editing

AM Renegade: 2010 Photo Shoot

up-cycled clothing by AM Renegade designer Abbie Miller

Wet Asphalt Alley

I've wanted to do one of these tall-screen videos.  Here are some clips captured shortly after a rainstorm in an alley way I walk through almost daily.

I also enjoyed turning my cinema.

Wolves of Earthfire

Untitled (with thistles)

The unwanted yet persistent Thistle has a unique beauty. I decided to capture their essence flowing in the wind.

Music:  Coppice Halifax "Untitled" clip of the track off the album:  Ocean Lion ll

Slow Horse

just a test clip, wanted to put something out there from my new little camera.

It's pretty sweet, there's some things I would have done differently, especially for a "professional" hand held.  Nonetheless, it will get me through and be a great secondary camera when it's time to upgrade


My first digital Kaleidoscope, using footage of patterns and objects shot around L.A. with my old friend Blake Bertucelli.

Put to the music of DJ Cheb i Sabbah

Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary Collage

 The spirit of First Fridays, a series of art happenings at Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary

A gathering of photo's and video at LMC.  Featuring events and performances of : Dancer's Workshop, various featured artists, local artists, musicians and community collaborations

Created by:  Sam Fitz, Morris Weintraub, Andrew Wyatt and Anthony Birkholz.

Music:       Sigur Ros



                 Skool of Thought & Ed Solo

                 The New Mastersounds


On a frosty day in Wyoming, I decided to pay tribute to ice and the movie MAN ON WIRE (actually that came out in the edit when I put it to Pascal Roge).

Basically I woke up one morning and was completely fascinated with what had been formed from the previous evening's conditions, (really cold, air with high moisture content)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do or that you at least appreciate the few hours it took to compile.

Thanks and Peace from your brother,

another being creative

Stag Hare - Tapestry 11 (for Anthony Birkholz)

Tapestry is on ongoing improvised drone sound piece project by Stag Hare.   It is made up of individual pieces each commissioned and made to order.  The video was provided as inspiration for the track and made by Anthony Birkholz

Why Yellowstone Buffalo don't belong on Ted Turners Ranch

Narrative by Anthony Birkholz

1st Attempt a BMX contest in Wyoming

Directed, filmed and edited by Tony Birkholz