Freedom Not discipline

Animation Concept test

Music:  The Forms - Icarus (the Flight of the Avenging Angel) by Nihiti

Reason to Mourn.

A video backdrop concept for Ben Harper.

Directed by:  Heath Ledger

Edited by:   Anthony Birkholz, Heath Ledger

Concept by:  another being creative

Produced by:  The Masses

Copyright:  2006

Anthony Birkholz Demo Reel

Samples of shooting, editing, animating, designing, directing and producing between the years of 2004 and 2012.   Clips for independent , contracted and collaborative projects.

A vignette of earth fire

Some clips from the summer


My first digital Kaleidoscope, using footage of patterns and objects shot around L.A. with my old friend Blake Bertucelli.

Put to the music of DJ Cheb i Sabbah

Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary Collage

 The spirit of First Fridays, a series of art happenings at Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary

A gathering of photo's and video at LMC.  Featuring events and performances of : Dancer's Workshop, various featured artists, local artists, musicians and community collaborations

Created by:  Sam Fitz, Morris Weintraub, Andrew Wyatt and Anthony Birkholz.

Music:       Sigur Ros



                 Skool of Thought & Ed Solo

                 The New Mastersounds

Everything Opened Up

Animation Test

Music:  Stars as Eyes

"Everything Opened Up"