Born Between a fence and a road

Buffalo Field Campaign video

30 Below 0, Impromptu Ice Sculpture

A quick observation of the creation of an impromptu ice sculpture in front of the art gallery, Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary.  Organized by the Public Art Ambassador for Center of Wonder, Bland Hoke

Autumn Colors

Some quick clips from New Mexico and Wyoming in the autumn to provide some inspiration and warmth

In memory of Rosalie Little Thunder

Scrappy Dick

A short video featuring Paul Cassidy's entry to ArtPrize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Music: John Fahey "Uncloudy Day"

Everything Opened Up

Animation Test

Music:  Stars as Eyes

"Everything Opened Up"

Cat's Eye Nebula: A study in painting and motion

Photoshop painting put into motion

Water In Style

A homage to water and a fun way to get familiar with my new little MC50U.  All footage is how it was captured on the camera, with some minor adjustments in post.

The raping of the bulls

Buffalo Moonwalking


Animation test

"Untitled" Coppice Halafax

Freedom Not discipline

Animation Concept test

Music:  The Forms - Icarus (the Flight of the Avenging Angel) by Nihiti

A Moment In Life

This video is a moment in the life of bison.  Put to the music of Radiohead, with the song "You and Whose Army?"

Being the large, powerful and strong creatures that they are, they still are facing one of the largest holocausts of our time.  Yet, they stand strong and continue to embody the strength necessary to be stewards of our environment.

Reason to Mourn.

A video backdrop concept for Ben Harper.

Directed by:  Heath Ledger

Edited by:   Anthony Birkholz, Heath Ledger

Concept by:  another being creative

Produced by:  The Masses

Copyright:  2006

Anthony Birkholz Demo Reel

Samples of shooting, editing, animating, designing, directing and producing between the years of 2004 and 2012.   Clips for independent , contracted and collaborative projects.

Sammy C Trailor

Directed and edited by Anthony Birkholz.   Check out the full movie.

A vignette of earth fire

Some clips from the summer

A Buffalo's trail of tears

USDA APHIS Torture Testing Bison Bulls for Brucellosis

Narrative by Anthony Birkholz 

Written by Stephany Seay