Born Between a fence and a road

Buffalo Field Campaign video

In memory of Rosalie Little Thunder

The raping of the bulls

Buffalo Moonwalking

A Moment In Life

This video is a moment in the life of bison.  Put to the music of Radiohead, with the song "You and Whose Army?"

Being the large, powerful and strong creatures that they are, they still are facing one of the largest holocausts of our time.  Yet, they stand strong and continue to embody the strength necessary to be stewards of our environment.

A Buffalo Field Campaign Volunteer Perspective

Why Yellowstone Buffalo don't belong on Ted Turners Ranch

Narrative by Anthony Birkholz

A Buffalo's trail of tears

USDA APHIS Torture Testing Bison Bulls for Brucellosis

Narrative by Anthony Birkholz 

Written by Stephany Seay